Weatherford Update

I would like to thank everyone who responded to my original post with offers of help and/or donations.  Much has happened since then, and I wanted to give everyone an update so that you can direct your energies and assistance in the most productive way possible with minimal confusion or wasted time.

GREAT NEWS: Parker County Animal Shelter has talked the city out of auctioning off or euthanizing any of the birds!  All birds that are considered “unadoptable” are being sent to reputable sanctuaries, where they can live out their days in ease.  As for the rest of the birds, they are either being adopted directly out of the shelter itself, or passed on to a few reputable rescue groups.  Last time I spoke with the shelter director, they were still sorting out which rescues were getting birds.  For right now, they are going to try to keep as many in-house as possible.  *If you do not live in Parker County, they will not adopt a bird out to you.*  So, contrary to my last post, most of you are not eligible to adopt birds through them.  This may change, but for now they want to keep their birds within the county.  I will not keep posting updates about the shelter.  To keep up with the latest news yourself, or to make a donation to them, please visit their website:

Having said all of that, Wings of Love Bird Haven did get 9 birds from Parker County for now and may get more later.  Many of these birds are macaws, so they require large cages and more food.  So, while much of the immediate crisis has been averted, Bird Haven is still in desperate need of help.  These are their specific needs (anyone who makes a donation can get a receipt for tax purposes):

* Monetary donations to cover medical expenses, purchase food, cages, and other supplies.
* Large cages that will house Greys and Eclectus all the way up to Macaws and Cockatoos
* Organic, dye-free pelleted food and/or fresh, organic produce
* Sprout seeds
* Newspapers

They do not need toys or smaller cages right now, although they might in the future.

And of course, as always, they are in need of good foster or permanent adoptive homes.

To make a donation, contact Bird Haven directly with any questions, or to fill out foster or adoption applications, please visit:

That is it for now!  I appreciate any and all help you can give!

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