July Pet of the Month: Chilly

This month’s featured pet is Pamela Paek’s Goffin Cockatoo, Chilly!  I’ll let Pam tell you all about him:

Chilly was born on 4/25/2001. It was mid September later that year when I saw him in a cage at Petco. The name on his cage said Angel. He seemed really curious, and I was too, so I asked if he could be taken out. He jumped onto my shoulder and immediately popped the pearl off my earring stud. I was still smitten. I have had birds my entire life, but never anything bigger than a lovebird. Little did I know about taking in a cockatoo. And one that was previously returned because of bad behavior. I drove him home in a cardboard box on my lap, although he insisted on peeking out the top. I wanted a better name than Angel, so I thought of things that were white (think of all the pets named Snowball) and saw a Chili’s restaurant. Chilly was named within a few blocks of the Petco.

He was very gentle and quiet for the first two weeks. It was day 15, one day after the Petco’s return policy, that Chilly reclaimed his voice. Prior to then, it was little whispers and coos. He has always been a dancer, very mischievous, and hilarious to watch. I have thousands of videos of him because trying to get a still picture is near to impossible because of how much he’s always moving. I was living in a small 800 square foot bungalow then. When Chilly started vocalizing more regularly, we moved into a 2200 sf house so he could have his own space to scream. 
We’ve been together almost 11 years. He is my main source of joy because he can be such a snuggle puff who cuddles but then can jump around and dance to make me laugh. He knows when he’s done something wrong and says “please” as soon as he knows I know. It’s a cute dynamic. I can’t imagine my life without him, and as tough as it can be to have a hormonal cockatoo, I’m grateful for him, because he’s the sweetest purest thing I can think of. All of my friends think I need a Chilly channel on YouTube because they think his antics are absolutely endearing and hilarious. Not that I’m biased or anything, but I completely concur. :)”


Edit: here’s the link to Chilly’s youtube page! http://www.youtube.com/user/ChillyGoffin

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