August 2012 Pet of the Month: Quint

This month I want to honor one of my best birdie clients, who is constantly trying to learn more about avian husbandry and continually working to improve her birds’ quality of life: Dani A. and her precious Pineapple Mutation Green Cheek Conure, Quint!

Here’s what she had to say about Quint: Quint was hatched in February 2007, and we met in May 2007.  He is named after the fisherman in Jaws.  He performs a few tricks for safflower seeds: turn-around, shake, eagle, and hop. He loves red bell peppers, and he will steal a sip of your orange juice if you’re not careful, usually knocking over the entire glass.  Quint doesn’t approve of facial hair on men (he’ll pluck it out), and tends to prefer women anyways.  He makes adorable squeaky noises when his head is preened.

Here are a few more cute Quint photos:

Upside down Quint

Quint wearing his bell cap.

Quint is quite the accomplished knitter.


And here’s an adorable video of Quint taking a bath:

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