Meet Bayu

Bayu enjoying the mess he’s making with the pomegranate almost as much as the pomegranate itself. That’s my little turd.

Bayu (BAH-yoo) is a 15 year old Red Sided/Vosmaeri Eclectus hybrid.  My friend and companion, Zoe, a Solomon Island Eclectus, had passed away a few months before when someone left the door to her bird room (which was our screened in porch) open and she got out and drowned in our pool in the backyard.  I missed her sweet little Ekkie self, so I had hopes of adopting another Eclectus, and ended up getting two, right around the same time!  Bayu came first, in June 2008.  I named him “Bayu” because his species is from Indonesia, so I wanted him to have an Indonesian name.  “Bayu” means “wind” in Indonesian.

He had spent the first nine years of his life living in a travel cage, then two years after that in a cage that is suitable for birds around the 100-150 gram range (he’s around 500 grams).  The only toy in his cage was one he’d gotten a foot caught in and lost a toe to, so he was scared of it.  He was also on a pretty terrible diet.  Needless to say, he developed a plucking habit and did permanent follicular damage around his neck.  He’s still beautiful, though, and I tell him so all the time.

He was a shy guy at first, but I got him on a better diet, taught him how to forage and play with toys, taught him how to accept showers, got him under some full spectrum lighting, and gave him lots of love.  Before long, his little personality just blossomed and I discovered that he’s quite a character!

He has a large vocabulary, but rarely uses it.  However, he loves to speak in context, and tends to have a wicked sense of humor.  Here’s an example of him being cheeky:

Bayu: HEY.

Me: What?

Bayu: What are you doing?

Me: I’m loving on Cah’ya, what are you doing?

Bayu: Wanna step up?

Me: Not now, Bayu.  It’s Cah’ya’s turn.

Bayu: Watch out!

Me: Why? Because you’re scared of Cah’ya? She won’t hurt me.  We’re buddies.

Bayu: WHAAA!!!

Me: Yeah. I know. Shocking.

Bayu: *grumbles under his breath*

See what I mean?  ADORBS.

He’s also extremely affectionate, and will do almost anything for beaky kisses.  True to the Eclectus stereotype, he doesn’t like being touched much, though.  He did, however, learn to accept nail trims, and is a very good boy for that procedure.

Bayu’s favorite things are eating, beating up toys and shaking them like a dog, and giving beaky kisses.  He also enjoys tromping around on the ground and getting into things he’s not supposed to, especially finding the bird food bags on the shelf, tearing holes in them, and eating until his crop is about to explode.

About Emily Strong

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