Meet Witchie

Witchie cold chillin' in her Super Official Kitteh Fort

Witchie cold chillin’ in her Super Official Kitteh Fort

Witchie is the only animal in this house who has never known hardship or deprivation.  Born to a cat who was owned by a friend of my partner’s, she was given to him when she was a young adult, and he’s had her ever since.

Despite her name, Witchie is the sweetest, most chill, most affectionate cat you will ever meet.  She’s never met a person she didn’t like, and would be content to have 24-hour non-stop scritches if anyone would commit themselves to the task.  When she isn’t cuddling up to one of us, or to our dog Copper, she’s either basking in the sunlight on her stairs by the sliding glass door, or she’s camped out in the Super Official Kitteh Fort we constructed for her out of cinder blocks and a blanket.

Witchie’s favorite things are eating, sleeping, and getting lovins.  She does all of them remarkably well–which is perhaps why she’s a bit zaftig!  She’s a big, lovable, fluffball!

About Emily Strong

behavior consultant. veterinary technician. crazy parrot lady. lifelong animal lover. cellist. yogi. hula hooper. horse rider. swimmer. singer. reader. writer. dreamer. music lover. amateur gardener. nutrition enthusiast. eternal student. language lover. aspiring polyglot. tattoo canvas. water drinker. overthinker. bountiful laugher. overenthusiast. attention deficit meditator.
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