We’re not (going to be) in Austin anymore, Toto.

Ok, so I wrote this to/for Austin Parrot Society, but it applies equally to clients and friends of From Beaks To Barks.  I’m not leaving this earth, just Austin.  I’ll still be around.  I just won’t be available in-person to folks in Austin anymore.  I’d write more, but I’ve already spent the afternoon on the computer playing catch-up, and I have less than a week to pack my whole house and move!  I need to get a move on!

We’re not (going to be) in Austin anymore, Toto..

About Emily Strong

behavior consultant. veterinary technician. crazy parrot lady. lifelong animal lover. cellist. yogi. hula hooper. horse rider. swimmer. singer. reader. writer. dreamer. music lover. amateur gardener. nutrition enthusiast. eternal student. language lover. aspiring polyglot. tattoo canvas. water drinker. overthinker. bountiful laugher. overenthusiast. attention deficit meditator.
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