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Clearing up confusion about service dogs, therapy animals, and emotional support animals.

This is an excellent article debunking all the myths surrounding animals who help humans. The only thing I would add is in reference to the end of the article, where the author says that laws about service dog fraud are … Continue reading

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Educational Bits on Dogs, Parrots, and Horses

Hello! I’ve been hard at work establishing my business here in Salt Lake City, so I haven’t had time to write an actual blog entry yet (one is on its way, though!). In the meantime, these are some interesting articles, … Continue reading

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The New Dog Adventures, Part 1

It’s been just over 5 months since we moved here from Austin, and of course much has happened in that time.  The most salient event to this entry is that Copper got lonely. In Austin, we lived in a duplex … Continue reading

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Pellets v. a Fresh Diet: The Great Pet Food Debate

There is a recurring discussion in one of the online parrot groups that I moderate about whether or not pellets should be fed to parrots.  Well, actually, to be more accurate, the pellet v. fresh food debate recurs throughout aviculture, … Continue reading

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Meet Copper

I first met Copper at my partner’s and my first date.  Of course I noticed the dog first, and thought he was just about the cutest thing I’d ever seen.  It was only several seconds later that I remembered that … Continue reading

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June Pets of the Month: Grayson, Trixie, and Radley

Ok, I’m a day late on this one, so let’s just pretend that today is June 31st, mkay? I spent the month of June with Kris and Donna S.’s three delightful Greyhounds.  They are all sweet, goofy, quirky, affectionate, lazy, … Continue reading

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May 2012 Pet of the Month: Dexter

Dexter belongs to one of my long-time housesitting clients, and he is a dream to take care of.  Persistently cheerful, enthusiastic, and affectionate, he is the perfect remedy for a long, stressful day.  You would never guess that he is … Continue reading

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