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October 20: Salt Lake County Animal Services – SLC, UT

Friday 10/20/17 for “Shy and Fearful Dogs”

Whether they came from a feral background, hoarding case, puppy mill, or just experienced trauma during their critical socialization period, shy and fearful dogs can be some of the most challenging and heartbreaking cases we work with.

There are many strategies that can work to help these dogs come out of their shell, and many strategies that may seem to work but over the long run cause more harm than good. In this class we will discuss the hows and whys of which strategies to try and which ones to avoid.

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November 17: Salt Lake County Animal Services – SLC, UT

Friday 11/17/17 for “Dog-dog Aggression and Prey Drive”

This presentation filled up so quickly in September that we’re offering it again!

Dogs who display aggression towards dogs and/or other species are both terrifying and unsafe. But are dog aggression and prey drive the same behavior, or are they two entirely different processes? And what, if anything, can be done about them? In this class, we will discuss the various factors that contribute to intra- and interspecific aggression, what our goals should realistically be when deciding whether and how to address these behavior issues, and the controversial topic of “can v. should.”

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December 7: Humane Society of Utah – Murray, UT

Thursday 12/29/07 10a-4p for “Learning to Read Dog & Cat Body Language”

With so much misinformation about dog and cat body language being spread through TV, movies, and the internet, come learn how to accurately read and interpret dog and cat body language based on the scientific study of behavior. Additionally in this workshop we will learn about how our own body language affects our interactions with animals, and there will be plenty of opportunities to practice what we’ve learned by watching videos and even getting real-world practice with dog intros. HSU staff and volunteers get priority access, but this class is free and open to the public as space is available.

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December 29: Salt Lake County Animal Services – SLC, UT

Friday 12/29/17 for “Puppy Development”

Puppies are cute and cuddly and a lot of fun, but then they grow up and turn into adolescents. There is a reason that by far the most common age range of dogs surrendered to shelters by their owners is 6-24 months: they’re a handful!

In this class we will learn the ins and outs of puppy development, what we can do utilize those periods to help each puppy become the best possible version of themselves, and how we can raise and train puppies to help them become good dog citizens.

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Other ways in which I serve the animal-loving community:

Canines With Careers: Best Friends Animal Society has a career dog program where we evaluate and pull suitable dogs from shelters and rescues and help their adopters to train them into whatever roll they will fill. I am the CWC trainer for Salt Lake City, although we frequently work with Skye Poitras as well. You can learn more about Canines With Careers here: Canines with Careers

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants: The IAABC has recently added a Shelter Division, through which people can currently apply to become a Shelter Behavior Associate. However, I have the great fortune of working alongside several other knowledgeable and experienced behavior consultants and behaviorists from around the country to develop the Certified Shelter Behavior Professional application. We are hoping to have that completed by next year. I’ve also recently been recruited to help develop the application for the Working Dog Division, too! Fun!

Parrot Behavior Analysis Solutions: If your parrot has an undesirable behavior you’d like to work through but are low on funds, there is a free online class available to the public here.