FBTB Mentorship Program

For the past three years, Emily has been running an unstructured, laissez-faire mentorship program to help people who want to learn how to become knowledgeable, competent, science-based behavior professionals. Teaching people in this way allowed Emily to develop a comprehensive, structured mentorship program, which will be ready to launch some time in the summer of 2019.

The structured mentorship program is comprised of four phases which are further broken into four units, for a total of 16 learning segments. While each unit is structured and has clearly defined learning goals and competency requirements, they are also flexible to best meet the needs, goals, and learning styles of each student. Behavior is a study of one, and From Beaks To Barks is committed to meeting each learner where they’re at and giving students the agency to learn in the way they prefer.

Accessibility is also a priority for Emily, so she is also making the program as affordable as possible, and will allow students to pay per unit instead of paying for the entire thing up front. The added benefit of structuring it this way is that the program is self-paced. While we will have timeline goals for the students to reach, they ultimately control their own learning pace.

While the program has not yet launched and therefore no one has graduated from it yet, the following students have stuck with the program through the developmental process and, as soon as the program launches, will be able to test out and graduate from various phases of the program:
* Tiffany H.
* Leslie J.
* Jolene H.
* George P.
* Chelsea F.

Are you interested in going through the program, or hiring a graduate? Check back here often! When the program is officially launched all information will be posted here, as well as a comprehensive list of all our graduates.