Your pet will thank you!

Your pet will thank you!

Behavior Consults

Problem behaviors and specialized skills (e.g. service/therapy/emotional support, fear, aggression, reactivity, resource guarding, intraspecies conflict, interspecies conflict, separation anxiety, inappropriate elimination, inappropriate vocalization, self-destructive behaviors, boredom-based destruction, functionless repetitive behaviors, etc.):

  • Initial consult: $180
  • Second consult: $120
  • Third consult: $100
  • All following consults: $75/hr


Private Lessons

Basic life skills (e.g. sit, down, stay, recall, loose leash walking, loading into a crate/carrier, medical handling, grooming handling, etc.):

  • Initial consult: $100
  • Second consult: $75
  • All following consults: $50/hr.


Long Distance Consults

  • Initial session: $75
  • Second session: $50
  • All following sessions: $25/hr.


***Please note that all prices listed above are for sessions booked between the hours of 9a and 6p Sunday-Friday. For any session booked earlier in the mornings, later in the evenings, or on Saturdays there will be an additional $50 after-hours fee.***


Group Classes

Single Class: $25
10 Class Pass: $200 (pass applies to all classes offered)

To sign up for a class or to get more information about any of them, please contact me.

Basic Manners and Life Skills (unstructured drop in) – Tuesdays at 5:30p – lead by Jana

Shy Dog Class – Saturdays at 2:00p – lead by Jana

Basic Manners and Life Skills (structured six week classes) – Saturdays at 3:30p – lead by Viviane

Puppy Preschool – Saturdays at 5p – lead by Jamie


Basic Manners and Life Skills (one topic drop in) – Saturdays at 6:30p – lead by Jamie


Financial Assistance

I offer three different types of financial assistance (only one discount per client). They are as follows:

  • For clients whose annual household incomes are less than $35,000 I do offer sliding scale discounts for up to 5 clients per month. Contact me privately for more information.
  • I offer 25% off the initial consult for anyone who adopted their pet from a local shelter or rescue group.
  • In an effort to encourage the people of Utah to pursue behavior modification as a option for their non-canine pets, I also offer 33% off the initial consult for any species other than dogs.