Your pet will thank you!

Your pet will thank you!


I am considering offering Direct Training/ Walk-and-Trains as a service moving forward, so for the rest of May and all of June I will offer this service on a trial basis for $35/session. These sessions would be available for basic manners training (loose leash walking, recall, sit/down-stay, etc), mental exercise training (e.g. nose work, treibball, free shaping, or trick training), or for existing behavior consultant clients who want their dogs to get in some extra training time or would like me to troubleshoot training with their dog. I would also be happy to train other species as well!

If you are interested in taking advantage of this trial offer, feel free to contact me through my website ( or via email (


Behavior Consults

Problem behaviors and specialized skills (e.g. service/therapy/emotional support, fear, aggression, reactivity, resource guarding, intraspecies conflict, interspecies conflict, separation anxiety, inappropriate elimination, inappropriate vocalization, self-destructive behaviors, boredom-based destruction, functionless repetitive behaviors, etc.):

  • Initial consult: $180
  • Second consult: $120
  • All following consults: $100/hr


Private Lessons

Basic life skills (e.g. sit, down, stay, recall, loose leash walking, loading into a crate/carrier, medical handling, grooming handling, etc.):

  • Initial consult: $100
  • Second consult: $75
  • All following consults: $50/hr.


Long Distance Behavior Consults

Behavior consults carried out via Skype, Duo, Google Hangout, or Facebook Messenger for anyone who lives in an area without any science-based behavior options available to them in-person.

  • Initial session: $100
  • Second session: $75
  • All following sessions: $50/hr.


***Please note that all prices listed above are for sessions booked between the hours of 11a and 6:30p Sunday-Friday. For any session booked earlier in the mornings, later in the evenings, or on Saturdays there will be an additional $50 after-hours fee.***


Group Classes

No group classes are currently being offered, but check back here for future classes!


Financial Assistance

For clients whose annual household incomes are less than $35,000 I do offer sliding scale discounts for up to 5 clients per month. Contact me privately for more information.