August Specials!

Celebrate summer by helping your pet to be the best version of themselves!

$100 off 6-session packages
$200 off local Intensive Behavior Packages
$150 off long-distance IBPs
$50 off either mini-IBP options

Behavior Consults

What are behavior consults?

  • Initial consult: $180
  • Second consult: $120
  • All following consults: $100/hr
  • 6-session package: $600

Remote Behavior Consults

What are remote consults?

  • Initial session: $100
  • Second session: $75
  • All following sessions: $50/hr.

Group Intensive Courses

What are Group Intensive Courses?

  • Student: $300
  • Auditor: $150

Upcoming group intensive courses:

  • I Tried That; It Didn’t Work — Troubleshooting Training (all species): Tue, Aug 13
  • Impulse Control (dogs): Tue, Sept 17
  • Shy/ Fearful Pets (all species): Tue, Oct 1
  • Separation Anxiety (dogs): TBA
  • Reactivity and Aggression (all species): TBA
  • Cooperative Care for vet visits, grooming, medication, etc. (all species): TBA
  • Intra- and Interspecific Aggression and Prey Drive (dogs and cats): TBA
  • Resource Guarding (all species): TBA
  • Dog-Dog Aggression and Prey Drive (dogs and cats): TBA

Intensive Behavior Packages

What are IBPs?

  • Local IBP first month: $1000
  • Local IBP subsequent months: $800
  • Long-distance IBP first month: $800
  • Long-distance IBP subsequent months: $640

Mini-IBPs (1 week/ 5 sessions)

  • Local Mini-IBP: $300
  • Long-distance: $250

Direct Trains

What are direct trains?

  • Each session: $50

***Please note that all prices listed above are for sessions booked between the hours of 11a and 6:30p Sunday-Friday. For any session booked earlier in the mornings, later in the evenings, or on Saturdays there will be an additional $50 after-hours fee.

Financial Assistance

For clients who are in need of financial assistance, I do offer discounts for up to 5 clients per month. Contact me privately for more information.

Your pet will thank you!