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Reducing hormonal behaviors in parrots.

Well, it’s springtime, which means that love is in the air for a lot of companion parrots. I actually wrote a version of this article a long time ago for a companion parrot group online that I moderate, but since … Continue reading

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Nutrition Related Diseases in Birds

Over the past couple of months, Dr. Echols, some other avian vets I know, and I engaged in an email conversation about nutrition related diseases in companion birds.  Dr. Echols has posted his and my conversation about it on his … Continue reading

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Snowboarding crow provides further proof of avian intelligence!

Hi all, Working with Dr. Bendall and a recent surge of behavior clients has kept me from blogging as frequently as I’d like to, but I’m currently working on a long-ass pseudo-manifesto about nutrition.  Who knows how long that will … Continue reading

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July Pet of the Month: Chilly

This month’s featured pet is Pamela Paek’s Goffin Cockatoo, Chilly!  I’ll let Pam tell you all about him: “Chilly was born on 4/25/2001. It was mid September later that year when I saw him in a cage at Petco. The … Continue reading

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How to make cheap and easy foraging toys at home.

I’ve had lots of people lately ask me how to make foraging toys for their birds out of products you can find at home.   It’s taken me a while to get around to doing it, but I give you now … Continue reading

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