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The New Dog Adventures, Part 1

It’s been just over 5 months since we moved here from Austin, and of course much has happened in that time.  The most salient event to this entry is that Copper got lonely. In Austin, we lived in a duplex … Continue reading

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Meet Copper

I first met Copper at my partner’s and my first date.  Of course I noticed the dog first, and thought he was just about the cutest thing I’d ever seen.  It was only several seconds later that I remembered that … Continue reading

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Combating discouragement and burnout.

A few days ago we had a setback.  It’s as if Archie went, “Wait a minute!  We’re getting along way too well.  I need to push my boundaries!  Test their limits!  Make them earn my fabulousness!”  This is a fairly … Continue reading

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