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Meet Cah’ya

Cah’ya cold chillin’ on her back. Cah’ya (technically chah-HI-yah, but her nickname is KIE-ah) is a 5 year old Aru Eclectus who came to me in August 2008.  Like Bayu, her species is from Indonesia, so I named her the … Continue reading

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Meet Bayu

Bayu enjoying the mess he’s making with the pomegranate almost as much as the pomegranate itself. That’s my little turd. Bayu (BAH-yoo) is a 15 year old Red Sided/Vosmaeri Eclectus hybrid.  My friend and companion, Zoe, a Solomon Island Eclectus, … Continue reading

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My recipe for chop’n’freeze

At the request of some folks on Facebook, I’m posting my recipe for chop’n’freeze.  It varies based on seasonal availability and, to some extent, my whim.  However, there is a method to the madness and a certain amount of infrastructure. … Continue reading

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February 2012 Pets of the Month: Gucci, Vos, Hank Ophelia, and in loving memory of Tula

I know that, thanks to the blog entries about Archie’s progress, this blog has been pretty parrot-heavy lately.  Dog and cat lovers, I haven’t forget about you!  My very next entry is going to be about cats (I promise!).  In … Continue reading

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