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Educational Bits on Dogs, Parrots, and Horses

Hello! I’ve been hard at work establishing my business here in Salt Lake City, so I haven’t had time to write an actual blog entry yet (one is on its way, though!). In the meantime, these are some interesting articles, … Continue reading

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Austin in Austin

I know I haven’t blogged in a while.  In my defense, I’ve started several blog topics but haven’t finished them yet for one reason or another, and I’ve also been consumed with some pretty exciting life event stuff which I … Continue reading

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Reducing hormonal behaviors in parrots.

Well, it’s springtime, which means that love is in the air for a lot of companion parrots. I actually wrote a version of this article a long time ago for a companion parrot group online that I moderate, but since … Continue reading

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Nutrition Related Diseases in Birds

Over the past couple of months, Dr. Echols, some other avian vets I know, and I engaged in an email conversation about nutrition related diseases in companion birds.  Dr. Echols has posted his and my conversation about it on his … Continue reading

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August 2012 Pet of the Month: Quint

This month I want to honor one of my best birdie clients, who is constantly trying to learn more about avian husbandry and continually working to improve her birds’ quality of life: Dani A. and her precious Pineapple Mutation Green … Continue reading

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July Pet of the Month: Chilly

This month’s featured pet is Pamela Paek’s Goffin Cockatoo, Chilly!  I’ll let Pam tell you all about him: “Chilly was born on 4/25/2001. It was mid September later that year when I saw him in a cage at Petco. The … Continue reading

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Oliver’s Story

Recently, a friend of mine was in her front yard, working on her garden.  She left her front door open, and her bird was talking to her from inside the house.  After a while, a Sun Conure flew from a … Continue reading

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