I have had the pleasure of working with Emily for several years. She is a diligent and compassionate animal behavior consultant who is very knowledgeable about contemporary, positive reinforcement based principles and practices. One of the most admirable attributes is her respect for her clients. She is committed to sharing understanding and is confident about their ability to learn and improve what they do to help their animals. Emily is also committed to her own ongoing education and skill building, which makes her an outstanding professional in the field. I recommend her highly.

~ Susan Friedman, PhD



Emily is a knowledgeable and compassionate behavior consultant. She strives to continue to learn and has a solid understanding of animals and their behavior. If she feels something is beyond her capabilities, she seeks assistance and guidance from other behavior professionals. She is a great resource if you are facing challenges with your pet.

~ Debbie Martin, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, LVT, Veterinary Technician Specialist in Behavior

Animal Behavior Technician

Veterinary Behavior Consultations, LLC in Spicewood, TX

Co-Owner of TEAM Education in Animal Behavior


Emily Strong has done an excellent job working with Austin Parrot Society in terms of her organization skills, providing resources for pet bird owners and especially her personal care and compassion towards companion parrots. Emily continuously works to find good quality information and communicates that material to the appropriate audience.

~ Scott Echols, DVM, Dipl ABVP (Avian Practice)


Emily’s great deal of experience and knowledge mixed with a true passion and excitement for her work makes her the best kind of trainer. It’s transparent just how much she both genuinely cares for animals and loves what she does, which is refreshing. She has an amazing knack for explaining the how’s and why’s, which makes it both interesting and easily digestible, not to mention raises your level of optimism on what you might be facing. Utilizing a reward-based system, as it creates a much happier relationship between you and your pets and none of the ill effects of punishment or force, she works to help build the confidence in our pets that make for a more emotionally healthy household. Using unique steps to fit your specific circumstances, she will help you work through issues to create a cohesive environment for everyone. Talking with Emily is, as always, an experience that further ignites the fun in learning new things and bettering our relationships with our fur-babies. Training when done the right way is confidence-building and a joy for everyone involved. Emily does it the right way. ~ Jo S.


I cannot say enough about Emily Strong. She came to my home on various occasions to help me with an array of issues surrounding the adoption of a new cat and my FIV kitty. She gave me a number of specific actions I could take to improve my situation, and even sent detailed follow-up notes from each visit. Emily focuses on holistic wellness, something I appreciate. She offers support from years of experience, her love for animals and a genuine desire to help the people who take care of them. When my FIV kitty eventually passed away, Emily offered me personal support that I sorely needed – she offered perspective and helped to ease the pain. I trust Emily’s ideas, expertise and her spirit when it comes to animals and would recommend her to anyone who wants to get more involved in the complete health of their pets. ~ Pam C.


Emily understands how dogs think. She counseled us concerning our young beagle mix, Amber, who had several undesirable behavior issues, including occasional fights with our older beagle mix, guarding behavior, stealing food off counters, and separation anxiety. Emily suggested some simple changes that we could implement. She carefully explained why these changes would make a difference and stressed that consistency was important. Emily’s advice was exactly what we needed. The changes provided Amber with reasonable boundaries and enabled her to “unlearn” her bad behavior. We now have a calm, settled dog, who willingly and happily obeys the rules of the house. ~ Sylvia G.


My husband and I have two parrots and 3 dogs. We have hired Emily for Parrot Behavior Consultations for both of our parrots and her advice has been excellent and her knowledge of parrots is extensive. She explains everything so thoroughly and she genuinely cares about our parrots. I cannot recommend Emily enough for animal behavior consultations. ~ Yvonne D.


This conference was amazing. I loved the structure, format, and order in which things were presented. Emily is a great presenter. She was lively, knowledgeable, entertaining, and did a great job of reaching a balance between answering questions and keeping things on track. I would love to come to hear more about behavioral science and learning. Please add advanced classes. Please, please, please. I’m begging. I have gone to APDT conferences and Clicker Expos and this was at least on that level if not better. Thank you! ~ Shelter workshop attendee


Emily has helped me train my dogs through a variety of issues. These include, but are not limited to: sensitivity to grooming and handling, shyness, jumpy/mouthy and poor leash manners. She’s incredibly patient, knowledgeable and thorough in her explanations. She has helped me troubleshoot past various obstacles I’ve encountered along the way and each of my dogs has improved drastically based on her guidance. What sets Emily apart in my mind is what an incredible teacher she has been for me. She never simply told me what I should do; she helped me understand the issues at hand and the behavioral concepts surrounding them, and helped lead me to my own conclusion. Through this work with Emily, not only have my dogs’ behavior improved, but also my overall understanding of canine behavior and my ability to find solutions. I feel so lucky to have worked with her. ~ Rebecca W.


While working with Emily, I have learned about training leash and barrier reactivity. Lenny was one of my project dogs who was super reactive towards other dogs in the building, especially while exiting and entering. Emily set me up with a training plan to calmly exit the building by having Lenny focus on strategically placed treats along a path. Since every training plan is different, Lenny started doing a default down along the path which we decided was helpful, and we further rewarded. Before getting adopted, he got to a point where he was doing default downs even for volunteers while walking out of the building. His new found focus further helped his adopter. ~ Kate L.


I thought the workshop was fabulous!! I would love to attend another one in the future! I enjoyed how down to earth Emily is. Her attitude is inspiring. I really enjoyed her comparisons to my life (our lives in general). It really made everything click for me to look at it in a different way. Thank you so much for coming! ~ Chani N.


I was very, very impressed with the workshop.  I found it extremely informative. I thought Emily was very engaging and funny, which really helped me to keep my mind from wandering. ~ Shelter workshop attendee


Emily is an excellent lecturer! Very knowledgeable and entertaining! Extremely informative and motivational presentations. ~ Shelter workshop attendee


Very informative and instructive seminar. Lots and lots of excellent info. Emily was a great presenter. Her enthusiasm was uplifting and inspiring. I believe she kept everyone engaged and she was so approachable during the breaks. I don’t feel there was anything missing. It was all great and I very much appreciate the opportunity you all afford us!!! Thank you!! ~ Shelter workshop attendee


Emily is a great instructor and I love her animated, passionate approach. Given the diversity of the audience, some more experienced rescue workers and some newbies, I think there was just the right balance of information. I hope we can have more opportunities like this in the future–including the next level Behavior Science 201! Great job! ~ Shelter workshop attendee


This was an awesomely informative workshop. There was a lot of valuable information and just enough examples to illustrate the points. Emily was very passionate about her teaching and helped people stay engaged. I enjoyed the science of the concepts and it really helped me to understand not only this type of training, but the concepts behind others as well. I really appreciate all of the tools that were provided about helping with volunteers, fosters, and the staff at our facilities. It is definitely a facet of the animal welfare community that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Thank you so much for providing this workshop. I would love to see a follow-up to this workshop where we could delve deeper into the concepts and maybe even do some more hands on training. ~Randee L.


I was a late beg-in/addition to the seminar and I cannot appropriately express my joy at being here nor my gratitude for everything taught and everyone that took part. I thought this was amazing. Information was thorough and complete. Teaching style was lively and enjoyable. And the schedule was well thought out. I am excited to be an animal behavior/training/caregiving geek. Thank you for everything, Emily. Don’t lose the joy and energy with which you teach. It made what could have been monotonous, captivating. ~ Sierra M.


Emily is very engaging and easy to understand. Presentation was interesting. For those of us who are not as experienced in training techniques it was nice to not only be told what to do but why. It was also nice to hear the studies and anecdotes to back it up. Loved being told that I didn’t have to know everything to do some good for the dogs in my care. Very validating to learn that some of what I’ve done is correct and the rest have other solutions I can learn along the way. I am appreciative I was able to attend and that this was offered to us. I found it very valuable!!! And would love to attend future classes. Thanks so much!!! ~ Shelter workshop attendee