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Havoc K9 Presents:


Science-Based Training for Professionals Workshop


Interested in learning about science-based training? Or perhaps you’ve learned a little bit about it but would like a more in-depth, immersive experience? This workshop starts from the ground up teaching the foundations of canine ethology and applied behavior analysis, then building on the basics and providing immersive, hands-on opportunities to apply the theory to real-world training scenarios. The knowledge and skills taught here have numerous practical applications for a wide variety of animal professionals, including: dog trainers, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, groomers, and shelter/rescue staff and volunteers. Attendance to this workshop also grants eligibility to future workshops which further build on the theory and practice of science-based training and behavior modification.


Workshop Schedule

Day One:

  • Canine Ethology – Who dogs are as a species from a biological, genetic, and social perspective
  • Understanding Reinforcement and Punishment – An interactive workshop about Operant Conditioning–which is cognitive, consequence-driven learning and behavior
  • Training Mechanics – Practicing the timing and techniques which make for successful, efficient, ethical animal training

Day Two:

  • Understanding Emotional and Instinctual Behaviors – An interactive workshop about Classical Conditioning – which is involuntary, emotion-driven learning and behavior – and instinctual behaviors–which are innate and species-specific behaviors
  • Hands-On Classical Conditioning Practice – opportunities to apply what we’ve learned about Classical Conditioning to train live dogs
  • Hands-On Operant Conditioning Practice – opportunities to apply what we’ve learned about Operant Conditioning to train live dogs
  • Post-Training Roundtable – The opportunity to discuss training experiences, practice troubleshooting, and create a training plan for future training sessions

Day Three:

  • Puppy Development – The developmental stages dogs go through from prenatal environment to adulthood, and what we can do during each stage to help them reach their full potential
  • Intra- and Interspecific Aggression and Prey Drive – Dog sociability both within and without their species, what we can and cannot realistically do about it, and how to humanely and effectively address aggression towards other animals
  • I Tried That; It Didn’t Work – How to troubleshoot training when it doesn’t go as planned by understanding more about canine cognition and the various factors which influence their ability to learn.
  • Troubleshooting Exercises – Hands-on opportunities to practice troubleshooting techniques with live dogs





Havoc K9

9500 S. Hwy 89

Willard, UT



May 4-6


How much:

Individuals: $300

Groups of 4 or more (must belong to same organization): $250/person

***Register by April 15th and get a $25 early bird discount!***


Can’t afford full price? Scholarships are available!

To apply, send us a brief essay (min 1 page, max 3 pages) explaining how this workshop would help you in your career and what you are hoping to learn by the end.

1st place will get a full scholarship.

4 runners-up will get a 50% discount.

Essays are due by April 15th and the winners will be notified on April 25th.

You can email essays to


Meet the Teachers

Emily Strong, CPBC, CPBT-KA owns and operates From Beaks To Barks, a training and behavior consulting company originally located in Austin, TX and relocated to Salt Lake City, UT in 2016. She has been involved in various animal welfare fields since 1990, volunteering and working in animal shelters, rescue groups, veterinary hospitals, stables, wildlife rehabs, an animal sanctuary, and finally as a behavior consultant. She has been training animals of many species her whole life, including (but probably not limited to): dogs, cats, parrots, a wide variety of other species of birds, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, rats, mice, horses, miniature donkeys, pigs, goats, tortoises, leopard geckos, snakes, pygmy octopi, fish, and even praying mantids. In 2008 she started studying the science of behavior and it had such a profound effect on both her perception of animal behavior and her efficacy in humanely addressing it that she has been passionately teaching others what she knows ever since. In addition to running her business, she is also a national speaker and published author, and has an international client base.

Allie Bender, CPDT-KA, SBA, is the owner and lead behavior consultant for Pet Harmony Animal Behavior & Training. Allie is a national speaker, published writer, and an animal welfare advocate. She has been working with rescue groups and shelters since 2006 in various capacities, including founding a student-run animal welfare organization. Allie started dog training professionally in 2012 and by 2015 became the lead dog behavior consultant at Best Friends Animal Society, the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the nation. Here she had the opportunity to work with dogs and cats with serious behavior challenges as well as speak at national conferences, write for the Best Friends magazine, and make TV and commercial appearances.


To Register

To register for this workshop, you can send payment via Paypal, Venmo, or Google Wallet to Emily at, or you can contact Emily to arrange to pay via Square over the phone. Once payment has been received, an orientation packet will be emailed to you with more logistical details included.


What Previous Workshop Attendees Had To Say

“You know, I didn’t want to come to this. My boss made us come. I thought to myself, ‘I’ve been doing this for 20 years. What on earth could they possibly teach me?’ Now I know: everything. You have everything to teach me. Thank you for this.”


“This conference was amazing. I loved the structure, format, and order in which things were presented. Emily is a great presenter. She was lively, knowledgeable, entertaining, and did a great job of reaching a balance between answering questions and keeping things on track. I would love to come to hear more about behavioral science and learning. Please add advanced classes. Please, please, please. I’m begging.

The live introductions of the dogs was fantastic and so very helpful and insightful. It was amazing to have the animal behaviors explained as they were happening.

I have gone to APDT conferences and Clicker Expos and this was at least on that level if not better. It was very well structured in terms of the order and delivery of the presentations.

Thank you!”


“I was a late beg-in/addition to the seminar and I cannot appropriately express my joy at being here nor my gratitude for everything taught and everyone that took part. I thought this was amazing. Information was thorough and complete. Teaching style was lively and enjoyable. And the schedule was well thought out. I am excited to be an animal behavior/training/caregiving geek. Thank you for everything. Don’t lose the joy and energy with which you teach. It made what could have been monotonous, captivating.”


“[Allie and Emily] were such a joy to listen to and learn from. I learned so much from each of them through the 3 days. They really made learning fun. I’m sure the dogs feel the same way.”


“Emily is very engaging and easy to understand.

Presentation was interesting.

For those of us who are not as experienced in training techniques it was nice to not only be told what to do but why. It was also nice to hear the studies and anecdotes to back it up.

Loved being told that I didn’t have to know everything to do some good for the dogs in my care. Very validating to learn that some of what I’ve done is correct and the rest have other solutions I can learn along the way.

I am appreciative I was able to attend and that this was offered to us. I found it very valuable!!! And would love to attend future classes. Thanks so much!!!”


“Awesome program! I loved it! I learned so many things that were little things on top of what I already knew. I would love to do it again or have more classes like this with even more dog stuff! Thanks so much for the awesome opportunity!”


“Comments: Excellent lecturer! Very knowledgeable and entertaining! Extremely informative and motivational presentations.

Suggestions: Continue more of the same.”


“I really enjoyed all 3 days. I have learned so much! This training is going to be so helpful in so many ways. Thank you for your time and knowledge that will help so many lives!”


“I thought the workshop was fabulous!! I would love to attend another one in the future! I enjoyed how down to earth Emily is. Her attitude is inspiring. I really enjoyed her comparisons to my life (our lives in general). It really made everything click for me to look at it in a different way.

Thank you so much for coming!”


“Wonderful program!!! I learned so much and can not wait to start working on putting all of the info I learned to good use. This was an amazing experience and I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of it. Thank you for taking the time to teach us and all you do for the animals!!”


“Emily is a great instructor and I love her animated, passionate approach.

Given the diversity of the audience, some more experienced rescue workers and some newbies, I think there was just the right balance of information. I hope we can have more opportunities like this in the future–including the next level Behavior Science 201! Great job!”


“Great workshop! Really liked the way you coupled great humor with common sense and easy-to-understand knowledge and techniques.”


“One word describes my learning experience at our workshop: empowerment! Thank you!”


“Thank you so much for teaching us about behavior science and providing so much hands-on experience. I learned what I think will be some very useful information.”


“This workshop was excellent! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience, and sense of humor!”